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Welcome - Tervetuloa - Välkommen

ELE Partners offers business English training and language services to meet the needs of Finnish companies. The goal is to help provide more effective business communication in an increasingly multicultural environment - at home and abroad.

Our approach is both practical and active - a social process based on small groups, with learning guided by each person's needs and the company's requirements. The methods built into our core programs are designed to make learning English interesting, stimulating, and enjoyable.

Along with our core programs we also offer a set of dynamic business skills programs - concentrated workshops designed to meet special business communication needs. Like all of our services our skill programs deal not only with the language of business but also the diverse range cultural factors involved.

In addition to business language training we offer a complete range of communication services covering the important tasks of text proofreading and editing which play a critical role in making certain your message is delivered correctly to your marketplace.

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